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Our Team Development is an international group of Software Super Heroes. The software supermen en superwomen take our plaform Paydia to an higher level every day.

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Bekijk hieronder de openstaande vacatures


About Team Development

Our team of software engineers and testers make sure that every day, our platform Paydia keeps getting better. New functionalities, handling support, fixing bugs…..we do it all. It’s our responsibility to make sure our platform always works, works fast and that our customers and colleagues can do anything they need to do with the platform.


We are constantly coming up with new features to make the platform better. We work with certain design patterns, work in a structured way and document everything. This way we ensure that we can find everything easily and that we can on-board new developers and testers more easily. We have both PHP developers and .NET developers.


We work in sprints that last two weeks where we like to see that by the end of each sprint, we have all the tickets taken care of. At the end of the sprint we have a sprint demo where we share the new functionality with the whole team. Through release notes we communicate the new features to our internal colleagues.

Our goal is to make all users of our platform as happy as possible and to write our code in such a way that it is future proof and that we can easily expand on it. In our department we have two branches, development and testing. We have the positions junior, medior, senior and lead developer. We also have software test engineer and software automation test engineer.


The work is challenging and the projects are fun and innovative. We get a lot of freedom and can develop well in the field of new techniques, new methods and applications. The team is close, we have a lot of fun and we make every day a party.


Senior Software Developer

Hi, I’m Joanna and I joined forces more than 2 years ago. I gave it a shot and moved to the Netherlands to experience the western work environment. I work in the IT department as a software developer, exploring the world of the payrolling industry every day. My job is to bring the best solutions that technology can provide to handle business traps and fulfil the company’s needs alongside with my team. My vision leans towards that, with everyone’s experience, we can build a perfect scalable powerful tool.


Medior Software Developer

Hi, Xhevo here 😊 I joined Flexpedia 4 months ago. I come from Albania, and this is my first job here in the Netherlands. Starting to work here as a junior software developer, I felt really welcomed by everyone. I love a little bit of everything about Flexpedia— the offices, the planning, the communication with the team and the diversity that this company has, and of-course Snack Days 😊. I am excited and looking forward to building amazing things with Paydia and to grow up professionally.

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Hi, I’m Linde and I work as a recruiter at Flexpedia. I’m really enjoying myself within this company. Would you like to talk about your job opportunities at Flexpedia? I’ll tell you what’s possible and how great it is to work for Flexpedia.

What makes our
so unique?

Every Flexpediaan has his or her own unique superpowers, but we all possess the same values:

  • We roll up our sleeves, and don’t bullshit, but thoroughly clean up.
  • We do what makes our hearts beat faster! And we do it really well.
  • We believe in honesty above all else.